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Our Partners

FlatMan has the privilege of having very reliable partners that allow the company to excel in what it offers.

The importance of having reliable partners is taken as a vital issue by FlatMan executives. In addition to offering their Know-How, Partners help us to improve our products and make them adaptable to market needs.

Hello Creative Studio

In addition to developing the functionality of the platform, FlatMan and HCS work closely together to offer clients a solid and effective IT consulting service.

HCS LAB is a communication company, which deals with software programming, web and app.

Comafim SA

FlatMan’s partnership with COMAFIM has made it possible to conduct multiple tests to identify any problematic factor in the beta version of our platform. In addition to the successful testing process and modifications, COMAFIM continues to provide us with a safe environment for our new products.

The strength of Comafim SA lies in the solid foundations developed more than thirty years ago by its founder Marco Fantoni, member of the Banca dello Stato del Canton Ticino and promoter of several important projects in the Lugano area. In fact, Comafim SA was built in 1987 and step by step, brick by brick it has been able to grow and expand over the years, building a solid structure able to meet the needs of an costantly increasing number of customers, while establishing a deep relationship of trust.

Green Ethiopia

FlatMan’s partnership with Greenethiopia stems from the desire and the need to avoid climate change. Thanks to this collaboration, our new products are certified 100% CO2 neutral, from the production to the electricity consumption, for 5 years.

The Swiss charitable foundation “Green Ethiopia Foundation” is implementing afforestation projects in Ethiopia to combat erosion and desertification, which destroy arable land every year. The Foundation finances tree nurseries to produce the necessary seedlings and plants, with the help of farmers in hilly and montane areas. As a result of afforestation, the Foundation supports water collection projects to improve the living conditions of people living in the project areas.

Digital Republic

Thanks to the collaboration with Digital Republic™ we are able to connect our products to the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). In this way, you will be able to communicate remotely 24/7 with the buildings that you administer.

The advantages:

  • Affordable price
  • Editable Upload and Download Speed
  • SIM IoT card management via platform
  • Service interruption possible at any time

Digital Republic is a Zurich-based company operative in the supply of IoT SIM cards. Digital Republic and FlatMan will accompany you on your journey into a new era of digitalization.

Universität St. Gallen

FlatMan was born in a classroom at the University of St. Gallen, where both founders studied. Thanks to HSG we can count on an office and we hope to be accredited as an official spin-off of the university.

The University of St. Gallen (HSG) was founded in 1898 – during the heyday of the St. Gallen embroidery industry – as a commercial academy and it is today a university for business, law, social sciences and international relations. The first lessons took place in 1899. The practical importance and integrative perspective have characterized its educational approach since its foundation. It is one of the leading business universities in Europe and it is EQUIS and AACSB accredited.

Tipack Sugar SA

Thanks to the partnership with the company Tipack Sugar SA we were able to create the customized FlatMan clothing to wear during the Swissbau trade fair. In the future we will work together with them for everything related to clothing.

Tipack Sugar SA is a dynamic company with specialized and qualified staff, which has been operating since 2004 in the whole of Ticino and in inner Switzerland, producing sugar and salt sachets of Swiss and EU certified origin. Today the company serves the most demanding coffee roasters, confectioners, confectioneries, ice-cream parlours, shops and companies alongside thousands of coffee cups in many public establishments. In addition to sugar Tipack Sugar SA customizes any type of garment, adapting it to the precise needs of customers.


FlatMan is honored to be part of the great SwissPropTech project. Thanks to this partnership FlatMan becomes part of a large network of companies active in the real estate sector.

SwissPropTech is an independent innovation network that supports native and foreign real estate companies to grow their activities in national and international real estate markets.

Together with their strategic partner Swiss Circle, they encourage the Swiss real estate and construction industry to promote innovations to prepare for the digital age.


Fondazione Ticino Cuore

Thanks to Fondazione Ticino Cuore FlatMan offers the possibility to install defibrillators in buildings, together with digital bulletin boards.

The Ticino Cuore Foundation was born in 2005 by an innovative idea supported by both the FCTSA and the Cardio Centro Ticino with the goal of increasing the survival rate of people hit by sudden cardiac arrest. As a local institution, the activities proposed by the foundation are mainly performed within the cantonal
boarders of the Ticino territory. Thanks to this restricted field of activity, the foundation performs and offers a wide range of services, which go from third-parties fundraising to spontaneous donations and loans to reach the established objectives.


SFMKT entstand in Mendrisio, im Kanton Tessin, aus der fruchtbaren Verbindung von Technologie und Marketing und wurde von zwei Unternehmern gegründet, die sich auf den Bereich der Informationstechnologie und der Werbung spezialisiert haben.
Die Ergebnisse dieses Zusammenschlusses, der sich modernste Technologien zunutze macht, sind ebenso vielfältig wie überraschend.
Sie reichen von einer innovativen und sehr effektiven Kommunikationsstrategie, die auf der Installation eines Netzwerks von digitalen Totems “SFMKiosk” im Gebiet basiert, die nicht nur für kleine und große kommerzielle Aktivitäten und Dienstleister nützlich sind, sondern auch sehr gut für die institutionelle Kommunikation der lokalen Behörden und die funktionale Stärkung ihrer aktuellen Netzwerke geeignet sind.


Garloc is the contact point for tenants, landlords and property managers who entrust their files to us because they want a guarantee of fair treatment without conflicts of interest:

  • opening a bank deposit
  • issue of certificate in 24 hours
  • return of deposit in 24 hours
  • annual statement of account
  • management of changes
  • convenience and advantages


The money is deposited in traditional rental guarantee savings accounts with banks.

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