The real estate agency interface

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The advantages

Everything under control

  • Traceability and optimization of all processes
  • Time saving
  • Automatic filling out of documents
  • Generation of statistics
  • Monitoring of craftsmen
  • Greater control of the various processes
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The Dashboard represents the main page of the platform dedicated to the real estate agency. Here you can find the most important information at a glance, so that you always have an overview of the various processes.

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The “interventions” section represents the collector of all the requests coming from the tenants’ App. Here, the real estate agent can evaluate the various requests and forward the summary form of a specific intervention to the craftsman in charge, who confirms the intervention or proposes a new date for the appointment through a dedicated App.

In the event that some tenants do not make use of the application, this process can also be performed manually by the real estate agent by filling in a digital form.

On the other hand, in the event that the craftsman does not use the application, FlatMan will automatically generate an email containing all the details of the request.

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The “notices” section allows the real estate agency to send several types of communications to the tenants, such as notices regarding the interruption of electricity or water supply inside the building, as well as any periodic maintenance check. These alerts can be sent directly to the tenant’s App or to our fully CO2 neutral “Remotus” LCD screens. This improves the service offered to tenants and facilitates the communication process. In addition, it avoids unnecessary travels to the administrators of the condominiums who are currently forced to hang the circulars in person on the notice boards of the various properties.

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The” contracts” section allows you to manage digital documents and assign them to various users. The agency can manage its contracts in any way and archive them.

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The agency may have an expandable and modifiable digital data collection.


Innovative property management tools

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Evaluate maintenance requests, coordinate the apartments and the communication between tenants and craftsmen.

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Digitize the forms

Abandon paper and make it easy to fill out and send all the forms you need.

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Create and manage contracts

Generate your contract forms, which you will be able fill out, export and archive.

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Manage databases

All your customers’ personal data and contracts are perfectly archived and available in one click.

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Organize your agenda

A personalized calendar to keep track of all your commitments and deadlines in real time

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Send news and communications

Simplifies and automates the sending of news and communications to your contracts

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