Leading Property Management
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Make the administration faster and more productive

FlatMan is the ideal partner for a quick and fast management of every bureaucratic and operational phase.

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Create your network

Connect tenants and craftsmen through the dedicated App and coordinate all phases of the intervention, from the request to the resolution of the fault directly from the FlatMan management system.

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Platform and App

What is FlatMan

FlatMan is a web platform with dedicated smartphone application that allows real estate agencies to communicate with tenants and craftsmen quickly and efficiently, by eliminating redundancies and optimizing the entire real estate administration process.

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Software innovation, like almost every other kind of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people, and to sit down and talk with customers and get their feedback and understand their needs

Bill Gates


Innovative property management tools

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FlatMan digitizes the entire real estate administration process

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A single web platform / App that connects all parties involved in the real estate administration process

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Traceability of all processes, evaluation of the work of craftsmen, constant updating regarding the status of requests.

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FlatMan optimizes the real estate administration by increasing the efficiency of all processes and making communication between tenants, craftsmen and real estate agencies simplier and faster.

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Flexibility to adapt to users’ needs

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Data collection

Generation of all types of statistics

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Environmental awareness

The digital archives and “Remotus” screens avoid waste of paper and reduce the environmental impact.

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The goal is to progressively increase the automation of processes such as documens auto-filling and Chatbot implementation.

Communicating with tenants has never been so simple, cheap and sustainable! Thanks to the new FlatMan product, agencies can now change the way they manage communication.

Our Partners

FlatMan has the privilege of having very reliable partners that allow the company to excel in what it offers.

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