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Our vision of the future

FlatMan’s goal is to accompany its customers into a new world. The digital world. To be precise, a digital, efficient and transparent real estate world. We also believe that the digitaization of real estate processes is the beginning of our journey. Consequently, every day we work on new projects to ask ourselves which solution is the most suitable for real estate agencies, tenants, craftsmen and owners.

That’s how FlatMan’s Business Model was born from our vision.


Our business model, our vision

FlatMan believes it is essential to quickly adabt to changes in the market and, therefore, to the needs of the customer. This is made possible by the structure of our platform, specifically designed to be flexible and easily modifiable.

1. Market observation. The FlatMan team analyzes and identifies the problems and opportunities in the real estate market.

2. Development of the FlatMan platform. The company therefore creates the most suitable functionalities to be employed by real estate agencies, tenants and craftsmen.

3. Meeting with clients. Product presentation and Brain Storming with FlatMan interest groups.

4. Customer needs analysis. Identification of current customer issues. Introduction of specific customizations.

5. Design of new functions. After the identification and analysis processes, the new functions of the platform are designed and adapted to customer requirements and to the morphology of the market.

We’re back in the circle. This model guarantees FlatMan to offer the customer the most expensive and suitable features.


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Rocco Vicenzi

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Roberto Fantoni

The FlatMan team

Roberto Fantoni (on the right of the picture) born in 1995, is from Lugano (Canton Ticino, CH). He graduated in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in German.

Rocco Vicenzi (on the left of the picture), born in 1994 in Lugano (Canton Ticino, CH), graduated in 2018 in Business Administration in German in St. Gallen. He then obtained the Master of Arts degree in Business Innovation at his alma mater in 2020.

In addition to the team of founders, Flatman is pleased to introduce as CTO Luca De Faveri, who has many years of experience in software development and marketing.

As a complement to the founding team, FlatMan is proud to have Dr. Simon Pfister on its Advisory Board. Simon is Professor of Financial Management at the University of St. Gallen and he is incorporated into the Institute of Accounting, Controlling and Auditing.

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Dr. Simon Pfister
Advisory Board

Luca De Faveri

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