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Change the way you manage your real estate communications, now you can get it directly from the real estate agency.

Thanks to Remotus and FlatMan technology, communicating with the tenants of your properties will be much easier and faster.

By combining a touchscreen monitor and an innovative software, you can easily communicate remotely with your tenants, saving time and reducing costs.

Why choose Remotus screens over the classic notice board?

The advantages

Connect your network of properties and interact with tenants.

  • Remote communications management reduces travel costs and environmental impact
  • Customised message management for each individual properties
  • Publication of information, alerts, news and maintenance interventions in real time
  • Simple and intuitive software with ad hoc functionality for digitizing content


LCD Touch, 32 ‘’, Wi-fi/ 4G, SO Android




Data SIM IoT

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Unlimited data connection
throughout Switzerland.
The Remotus screen is already equipped
with the necessary internet connection.

Optional service: thanks to the partnership
with digital republic we offer you a connection
and support service at a special price.

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Communicating with tenants has never been so easy, cheap and sustainable!

Thanks to the new FlatMan product, real estate agencies can now change the way they manage communications.

Project partners

Green Ethiopia

Remotus has obtained an important certification from the association Greenethiopia: for each screen, trees will be planted in order to compensate CO2 emissions, thanks to reforestation.

For more information visit www.greenethiopia.org

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